Pushkar Nath Bhat Best Paper Award

Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding has introduced the coveted “Pushkar Nath Bhat National Award for Animal Genetics & Breeding” in 2019 for the best paper award published in preceding year in the areas of Animal Genetics including Molecular Genetics and Animal Breeding having highest impact factor. The award includes a cash award of Rs. 5000/- (to the first author) and a certificate (to all authors). Any Indian Scientist working in India and who is a member of ISAGB and below 50 years of age can apply. Participants desirous of competing for the award should attach a copy of their printed paper published in previous year along with their registration for the conference. The nominations will be judged by a special committee constituted by the society and the decision of the committee will be final.

  1. Ashish Kumar,  Mandeep Kaur, Sonika Ahlawat, Upasna Sharma, Manoj Kumar Singh, Karan Veer Singh, Pooja Chhabra, Ramesh Kumar Vijh, Anita Yadav and Reena Arora.
    Research paper entitled “Transcriptomic diversity in longissimus thoracis muscles of Barbari and Changthangi goat breeds of India”.
    Published in Genomics (NAAS rating: 12.21).
  1. Saravanan, K. A., Panigrahi, M., Kumar, H., Parida, S., Bhushan, B., Gaur, G.K., Dutt, T., Mishra B. P., Singh, R.K.
    Research paper entitled “Genomic scans for selection signatures revealed candidate genes for adaptation and production traits in a variety of cattle breeds”.
    Published in Genomics (NAAS rating: 12.21).
  1. S.K Mishra, S K Niranjan, Ravinder Singh, Prem Kumar, S. Lava Kumar, Bhaswati Banerjee and R S Kataria.
    Research paper entitled “Diversity analysis at MHC class II DQA locus in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) indicates extensive duplication and trans-species evolution”.
    Published in Genomics (NAAS rating: 12.21).