2023-05-30 13:26:11
Proceeding of Executive Committee Meeting – ISAGB


Proceedings of the Executive Committee Meeting of ISAGB held on 15.07.2022

Meeting of the newly constituted executive committee of ISAGB held on 15.07.2022 at ICAR-NBAGR through virtual mode under the chairman ship Dr. B P Mishra, Director, NBAGR and President, ISAGB. Dr. M S Tantia welcomed all the members of the new executive committee.

The following members attended the meeting:
1. Dr. B P Mishra – President
2. Dr. Vineet Bhasin – Vice President
3. Dr. Vishesh Kumar Saxena – Secretary
4. Dr. P K Rout – Joint Secretary
5. Dr. M S Tantia – Treasurer
6. Dr. Manishi Mukesh – Chief-Editor, ISAGB
7. Dr. (Ms) Archana Verma – Executive Member
8. DR. Vikas Vohra – Executive Member
9. Dr. Anilkumar – Executive Member
10. Dr. Umesh Singh – Executive Member
11. Dr. SC Mehta – Executive Member
12. Dr. Thiruvenkadan A K – Executive Member
13. Dr. Manoj M – Executive Member
14. Dr. Raja K N – Executive Member

Dr. B P Mishra, President welcomed all the members of the new executive and in his opening remarks appreciated the contribution made by the preceding executive committees for the efforts to bring the society to such a great level in the field of Animal Genetics & Breeding. He also stated that this is an enormous responsibility and we need to work very hard to live up to expectations of our peers.

The following agendas were discussed:

  1. The request from ICAR-DPR, Hyderabad for organizing the 16 th Annual Convention and National Conference of ISAGB was discussed in detail. Dr. Vishesh Saxena suggested that the organizing institute may initiate process at least three months in advance for getting grant from ICAR. The proposal was approved by the committee and suggested to organize it in November-2022

  2. On suggestion by Secretary DARE and DG, ICAR in last convention, Director ICAR- NBAGR proposed to organize one day brain storming session on “Epigenetics and Epigenomics” through hybrid mode on 20 th September, 2022 i.e. one day before the foundation day of ICAR-NBAGR, Karnal. He also emphasized that such events will motivate the students and young researchers for taking up research in the frontier areas of Animal Breeding & Genetics. The proposal was approved and Dr. Manish Mukesh, Principal Scientist was given the responsibility to draw the detailed proposal. Further, Dr. Vishesh Saxena, Dr. Vineet Bhasin and Dr. P K Rout were of the opinion that a series of such events should be organized region-wise in a time frame manner in the growing areas of Animal Genetics & Breeding and Biotechnology.

  3. Dr. Manish Mukesh appraised about the current status of the new website designed and the various information regarding society to be included in the new website which is likely to be launched shortly.

  4. Dr. M S Tantia proposed Dr. V K Taneja as Chief-Patron and Dr. T J Rasool as Patron of the society to honour their contribution made to the society. The proposal was approved and the same will be put up for ratification in the forthcoming GB meeting of the society.

  5. To a suggestion raised by Dr. Vikas Vohra to increase the number of awards by the society, the President suggested to have “ISAGB Young Researcher Award” to encourage the young research scientists and scholars. This will be taken up in the next Executive Meeting.

  6. Dr (Ms) Archana Verma, Head, DCB, NDRI suggested to initiate Associateship of ISAGB to encourage young professionals. The proposal in detail to be discussed in the next Executive meeting.

  7. Most of the members suggested taking up the students membership drive from ICAR- NDRI, ICAR-IVRI and all the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Universities. President suggested that all the members may take responsibility to attain this task.

  8. Dr. S C Mehta was of the opinion that like SOCDAB symposium ISAGB national Conference may also to be conducted in fixed time preferably during the month of November every year.

  9. Under any other items with the permission of Chairman Dr. Vineet Bhasin raised few following suggestions:

    i. Closing of bank account created for the previous National Conference and submitting the SOE and audit certificate at the earliest. For this Dr. Manishi Mukesh conveyed that all the formalities will be completed soon and the same will be submitted.
    ii. Closure of the society account in Allahabad Bank and transferring the available amount to the present account. President requested Dr. Vishesh Saxena and Dr. P K Rout to take up the issue for completing the necessary formalities.
    iii. Steps may also to be taken to transfer the present account of the society from New Delhi to Karnal on priority.
    iv. Financial expenses likely to be incurred for the forthcoming Brain Storming Session and the National Conference may be worked out. President conveyed that a brief presentation in this regard may be made by ICAR-DPR and Dr. Manishi Mukesh from ICAR-NBAGR during next executive meeting to be held in next week preferably 22.7.2022.

    The meeting ended with thanks to all present and the Chair.